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Getting Started
  Information Box  
Compassion is the wish to offer unbiased service to all beings, whether they are friendly or hostile to you.


Based on international process surveys, proposal, planning, implementation & evaluation.

Process Survey
Interviewing the IT personnel to find out if they are aware and using the process descriptions


1. Company information
2. Information structuring
3. Search for fitting solution
4. Put together a process improvement proposal
5. Plan implementation of the proposed processes

Planning of process implementation

1. Setting up a training schedule
2. Invite process owners for training
3. Conduct training and certification


1. Process Owner hand-holding and documentation support
2. Customize and familiarisation with the process at hand

Evaluation & ISO 20000 Certification
1. re-evaluate the processes
2. identify GAPS
3. Attend to the GAPS
4. Document Lessons Learned and follow-on actions
5. Re-examin
6. Hand-over to customer organisation
7. Manage closely



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