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Getting Started
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Success is never easy, but it's always inspiring to feel it inside your heart.


My name is Mark Jan Drenth, I am an IT Service Management expert. Based on professional training and training experience in international IT Management Best Practices.

ONYOURMARK Computer Support
  PC & Laptop Repairs
  Network & Wifi Set-up
  Social Media Training

ONYOURMARK Service Management Knowledge
  ONYOURMARK Started as a Learning Company based on ITIL Best Practices. If the customer requires computer hardware or software my company can provide & support this.

ONYOURMARK Training & Learning
  Because IT Technology never stops evolving, learning is an ongoing concern and challenge for the company. Continuous interest in developments in i.e. digital marketing. Information technology never fails to inspire & open new possibilities!
  I train people so they can help themselves in an ever changing technological environment

ONYOURMARK Cloud & BigData
  Cloud Computing
  Bring Your Own Device
  Big Data Awareness for Marketing purposes

Impression of a promotion (training) session & advertising management



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